Summer has faded away


It was stifling that day.  The temperatures must have reached a hundred degrees.  Sitting under a tree, trying to stay cool and failing miserably, I couldn’t wait for the game to end so I could climb back into the comfort of the air conditioned car.  I’m not sure how the girls managed to keep playing as they did, getting hit after hit and running the bases as fast as their legs would carry them.  I remember taking ice from the cooler and running it across my arms and neck, the cubes melting almost instantly against my hot skin.  I remember the sun rising higher in the sky and moving my precious shade away from my chair.  I remember moving to a place in the shade where I couldn’t see the game as well.  I remember cursing the heat.

Today, as every glance out the window was met with overcast skies and rain, I miss that day.


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